Be seen as the future of cleaning.

Elevate Your Window Cleaning Business with Pure Precision
using the most advanced cleaning technology system in South Africa

Introducing the Puraflow Pavilion and Puraflow Ionic Trailer units.
An entire portable cleaning system.

What is the Puraflow Systems Trailer?

Our Specialized, custom built Cleaning Trailer unit is a fully portable cleaning business that allows you to offer a very high demanding service to local businesses in and around your location.

How does it work?

The Puraflow Systems Trailer Units works by passing tap water through reverse osmosis and de-mineralising resin filters removing limestone, heavy metals, nitrates, chlorine, etc. all of which are normally found in tap water, thus producing 100% pure water. With our built-in TDS meter readers, it makes it very simple to operate.

This pure water naturally wants to return to its impure state, absorbing dirt particles efficiently. When used in cleaning methods the pure water absorbs and removes dirt, without the use of chemicals, and dries leaving a streak-free finish.

Why use a Puraflow Systems Trailer?

Quickens your turnaround time, saving time… saving money.

Better cleaning results

Purified water leaves a streak-free finish

Higher reach

Eases access to ‘difficult to reach’ areas on buildings.

Ease of use

Minimal technical ability required to use

Health & safety

No ladders means no health & safety concerns

Robust design

Low maintenance and low running costs.

Environmentally friendly

Only uses pure water. No detergents or chemicals

Proudly South African

Owner managed. Local on site support since.

Many other applications

Frames, UPVC, panelling, canopies, guttering etc

How can Puraflow Systems benefit your business?

Low investment, low risk business opportunity with a high ROI. Robust design, low maintenance and low running costs.

  • Simplifies risk assessments and method statements
  • Helps to reduce insurance premiums.
  • Quickens your turnaround time, saving time… saving money.

Be seen as the future of cleaning.

What our clients say

Ian, Bloemfontein

PuraFlow Systems revolutionised our window cleaning business! No ladders, just efficiency. Low costs, easy to manage. A game-changer.

Johnathan, Port Elizabeth

Incredible product and incredible service by Martin. Our trailer system is a time-saver and so simple to use. Our business has never done this well.

Thando, Gauteng

We love that there's no need for chemicals. This system is a dream – high reach, low maintenance. Proud owner, clean windows, happy business!


The 500L Trailer Unit has a capacity of 500 liters of pure water.

Our Pavilion 500 unit is suitable for one to two operators at a time. Our Ionic 500 unit is suitable for three to four operators at a time.

500 liters of pure water should keep two operators working for a full day.

To run the full filtration system effectively, a fill pressure of 60psi and over is required. Less than 60psi can damage the R/O membrane and slow down filtration time.

If the fill pressure is less than 60psi, a booster pump will be required to counteract the problem.

A vehicle with a payload of at least 1,100kg is needed to transport the 500L Trailer Unit.

The majority of 500L systems installed are set up with dual pumps, controllers, and hose reels.

Depending on the model you order, it could take anything between one to four weeks to complete your specific order.

Once your Trailer is delivered, we will spend one to two days with you, operating onsite, ensuring you understand your trailer system fully.

When training has been completed, we will discuss a specific business plan with you which includes all relevant information you will need.


For more information, pricing and ordering a trailer unit, please contact one of our sales representatives:

🟢 Martin van Rensburg
Northern, Eastern & Western Cape, Kwa-Zulu Natal
+27 (0) 64 933 2521

🔵 Leonard Dopper
Gauteng, Freestate, North West, Limpopo, Mpumalanga
+27 (0) 67 402 1815